Monday, January 16, 2012

A Tipping Point

When I had dinner with Ben Bowlby last Wednesday, he mentioned a series of YouTube videos done by this guy.  These videos are done by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, an organization that has been around for approximately 250 years.  There is one on energy use that I've seen a while back, that is interesting, but I particularly found this one interesting this weekend.  It's about our educational systems and I think a lot of the ideas presented will be playing a role in my work the next few years here.  The video's a bit long, about 12 minutes, but it will definitely keep your interest.

A lot of ideas are presented in the video, about education systems as a whole, but I particularly liked the Divergent Thinking, in the last few minutes of the video, and the discussion of collaboration in education and creativity.  I've been looking at Hacker Spaces, on recommendation from a friend, which are physical places where people can meet to learn, socialize and collaborate on projects.  Here are some links to Hacker Spaces in the UK:
I think it might be interesting to check some of these places out, see how they function, see how people collaborate in person and what is being accomplished, then see how to extend these types of collaborations to an online medium. 

Another thought that was presented to me today from Dr. Goodman back at IUPUI was the idea of maybe doing a case study of open source design with the senior design projects that MET and ECET senior students are required to do in order to graduate.

Anyway, that it's for now.  I rode my new bike into campus today!  Woot.  The hills seem a bit more intense than I anticipated...I am sure I will feel it tomorrow.  Ah, the joys of getting back into shape.

I have a meeting with the Formula One group this afternoon, where I shall figure out my role and see how I will be working with that project.

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