Sunday, January 15, 2012

Church and Allotments

Just a short post today.
I went to the Methodist Church again this morning, it was a very nice service.  I met a very interesting woman named Jane (I'm trying to get better at remembering names!) who was telling me about an area sustainability group in the Kenilworth/Coventry/Warwick area.  She was talking about how they implemented various green activities around the area, like pushing for PV on residences.
Here is a picture of the church
The front door of the Kenilworth Methodist Church
 Jane was also talking about having an allotment, which is the little garden plots I took a picture of on my run yesterday.  She was saying this was a common thing to do, was to rent a small area of land for gardening.  So, that is what that is!

Tomorrow, I start working with the Formula One SAE group on campus...not quite sure what my role will be just yet on the team, but I will be trying to figure out how to get rid of the steep learning curve that occurs every year due to the complete turnover of the team members.  I hope to figure efficient and effective ways to allow for problems and solutions to be documents so that a sort of SOP can be developed and added to each  year.

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