Monday, January 30, 2012

First Day of First Module

So I'm off for a busy busy week!  I start my first module for my Master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation today (the Master's that is attached to my EngD degree).  It starts in 30 minutes and runs every day this week from 9am to 6:30pm, with an hour for lunch.  Friday we do get done at 5pm.  A module is like a class/course back home.  I am taking Collaborative Product Development, which is an elective course (not one of the 7 core courses for the degree).  Jay suggested it would be a good course to help me with the PLM and Open Source Hardware Design I am currently researching.
I was lucky to get a ride from one of the other EngD students in my office this morning, Nikki, who is currently working on finishing up her EngD and is in the writing phase.

I had a VERY busy weekend.  I went to Leamington on Saturday to find a birthday present for my mom (I found one, but her birthday isn't until February 17, so I can't tell!) and ended up hanging out with some of the guys that live in my apartment building.  They are all post-grad students, working on various Masters at Warwick.  The guy across the hall from me, D, is from Singapore and seems like he will be a very good running partner for me (fast!).  Then there is Miki, from Bosnia down the hall (who grew up in Germany because of the war in the 90s), D's roommate is from Taiwan (I don't want to mess up the spelling, so I'm going to check on that) and there is another guy from Greece as well.  We cooked dinner (lamb...mmmm) and talked about a whole range of topics...from American politics (everyone knew more about American politics than I would guess 90% of Americans even know) to economics.  It was very interesting to get a global perspective on what we do back home.  I am really starting to see the difference between the British and Europeans.

Then yesterday, I went to church and went to a luncheon after church, where I met more members of the church and found out about a community centre in Kenilworth that sounds like a cool place pretty close to my flat.  Last night, I made a big pot of soup for the week (since I have long days and won't want to do too much cooking when I get home) and did laundry.  I also rearranged my bedroom a bit, so I'll have to get some pictures up soon!  Maybe tonight, if I'm not too wiped out!

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  1. That course sounds pretty nifty! And that's awesome that you have similar people living nearby. Community = awesome!