Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cabinets and eBooks

So it has been a couple of days since I blogged, so just thought I would post an update.  Lots going on!
On Tuesday, we got a cabinet delivered in the office that needed to be built, so I helped Ruth get started on it.   Nick and Tom came in and also helped.
Ruth, working on the cabinet door hinges, and Tom in the background, supervising.
Tom, working on the same hinge that Ruth was working on earlier......

The finished (and currently empty) cabinet, out in the hall outside the office.  Eventually, it's going to display things for the Sustainability research group, like awards and such.

Back of the cabinet is a mirror.  Look!  It's my new boots.  :)
Last night, I headed out to the pub with my advisor and some other guys from WMG, to celebrate Daz's and Neil's birthday (two of the guys that work at WMG).  I enjoyed one Guinness + Port (not realizing that it was a £7 drink...thanks Steve!) and one regular Guinness.  Guinness here is much tastier than home.  Anyway, it was quite a fun time.  I got to chat with several of the guys about America and different places and whatnot.  I definitely enjoy the British sense of humour.  I was also introduced to some bar food last night.  Pork Scratchings, where is kinda like Pork Rinds, but way worse, were had.  Along with various roasted nuts, which I liked much better, and finally, Wasabi peas.  I have pictures of these, which I'll post later.

At lunch today, Stuart and Ben had a game of darts in the lunch room, which I took pictures of.  Ben won today, but only by a bit!  :)

Ben, playing darts!

Stuart playing darts!
On the work side of things, I found the library after Steve suggested that I do some reading on PLM as a whole.  The library here is completely self service- I found the books I wanted online and then found them from the directory and was even able to check them out myself!  Most of the books I can have until May, but two of them were 3 day check outs.  I found one of them online, in PDF form, however, through the library website, and got it onto my Kindle.  It's a pretty interested book so far, and I am finding some correlation between what I've been reading on Open Source Hardware Design and PLM.

I will post more in detail about that later as well.  Want to read a bit more first before I discuss it.

Anyway, that's it for now!  Post again soon!


  1. Have you challenged them to a game of darts yourself yet?

  2. No. Because I suck at any sport that isn't running. Or yoga.

  3. Hey! It looks like Stuart is trying to put a dart in the back of his friend's careful playing with that guy!!!!
    Just sayin'.......
    love you,

  4. You look too adorable :3 I love the skirt!