Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pictures from a Run

So the weather today was just lovely, sunny and around 35 degrees F (1-2 degrees C).  I took some pictures on my run, so I'd thought I share them.

This is overlooking the park in the middle of Kenilworth, where there are some trails and paths around.

This was a plot of various gardens I found running down a side road in Kenilworth

Another view of the park

A small pond in the middle of the park.  Notice the swan couple out in the middle.

This was an old water tower that someone made into a house.  At night, there is a green light that goes around the top.
So anyways, it's quite lovely here, even though it is winter!  I got two cards in the mail today, one from my mom with pictures of Holly in her Mermaid  The other was a lovely card from my grandma.  I will have to take some of these cards into campus to decorate my desk!
I will post more soon!

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  1. Thanks for posting the F/C! I really wanna get used to Celsius, but I never actually do it =P

    And everything is so beautiful! I can't wait to come visit :3