Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Office

I meant to blog last night, but I got sleepy sort of early and was happy to have a whole night of uninterrupted sleep.  It was spectacular! 
I took pictures of my office yesterday.  I really like the desk I've been given, right next to a window!  (after the last nine months or so of a windowless office, this is quite nice).  I also have the option of working in the IDL building next to Jay Bal's office, so I may toggle back and forth, depending on who I will be working with for various projects.

This is my desk (there is Stuart sitting across from me).  I've got the computer working and everything.

This car is right behind my desk.  I got a picture of me sitting in it in August when I was here earlier.

The view from my desk.  Very lovely.
So a lot has been going on, I'm still settling in.  I ended up getting a landline in my apartment, on which I can recieve calls and dial the emergency number (999), but I don't make outgoing calls on.  I thought this was wise, since I'm currently living alone and I haven't seen or met any of my neighbors just yet.

Work-wise, I've been reading up on e-learning and open source hardware design, as much as I can between office chatter and lunches.  I'm finding this topic really interesting.  There is a motorsports conference today, and I may be having dinner with some of the people from there this evening to discuss more of what is going on with open source hardware design, so I am excited about that.

I am also looking into getting a bicycle soon, I've found the perfect one at a store called Halfords, it's quite light and has the right frame size for me and everything.  Nick Mallinson has offered to help me go pick it up sometime in the next few days, possibly tomorrow.

I've been riding the bus to campus since Monday.  I find that riding it in doesn't take too long.  Today, I had to wait about 20 minutes, but between waiting and riding and walking to the building, it took me 40 minutes, door to door to get to my desk today.  Not too bad, considering that was my normal commute in Indy, generally.  And I don't have to drive or own a car.  Getting a bike should reduce my commute time further.  Sometimes, depending on when I get to the bus stop, it's taken me as little as 20 minutes, door to door, which is fantastic, but not reliable. 

I finally went for a run around Kenilworth last night, it was quite pleasant. I'm really enjoying the weather here, it's perpetually autumn, which is my favorite season!

I was told today by one of my office mates, Tom, that apparently Lucky Charms is banned from being sold in the UK.  Which makes me quite sad.  I shall have to get some shipped from home. 
Well, that's all for now.  Post again soon!


  1. Wikipedia says you can buy them at TK Maxx if you find one. We saw TK Maxx all over the place when we were there... ten years ago. Lol. I didn't find a definitive answer as to why they're banned, but it does seem that the UK banned the use of artificial food dyes, which seems to me like a good idea. The article I looked at said that places were forced to replace stuff with real ingredients because of it--McDonald's strawberry sauce for their sundaes is actually made with real strawberries over there! Crazy, I know. Lol.

    Glad you have a window and a nice size desk, too!
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Sweet desk, lady! I'm glad you got a landline for safety =) The British undergrads I've talked to have said the cell phones in the UK are super cheap! And whenever you sign a contract you get a lot of free stuff (iPad's, PS3's, etc). I have no idea if they're right or not, but it might be worth looking into!

    I wish artificial dyes were banned here =P The food in America is screwed up. Maybe they're Lucky Charms are "healthier" lol =)

  3. Hey Meghan!
    The cell phone plans here ARE super cheap. I'm just doing pay-as-you-go right now, but I'm going to look into a contract. Anyway, with what I got now, I paid £15 for 30 days of UNLIMITED data, 300 minutes and 3000 texts. Which is so cheap. Plus, I was able to unlock my Droid from home, so I just had to buy a new SIM card here for £0.99. It was awesome!
    Hey Leslie;
    I will have to check out the sundaes at McDonalds (still haven't gone to one yet, I'm holding out!) But while I'm sad about the Lucky Charms, I think I can enjoy them as a rare treat. :)

  4. Oh that's amazing you were even able to keep your old phone! *squee*