Tuesday, December 13, 2011

White Riot

(Note that is post title is a song title by The Clash.) 
So for those of you that may be worried about possible riots in the UK whilst I am over there, there has been a new technology released to help with that.
Check out this article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/16137543

According to the BBC, the riot laser will temporarily blind those in the three meter "wall of light."
Because, as we all know, "If you can't look at something you can't attack it."
Though you can swing your appendages around and possibly hit something (or someone) anyway.  Takes away the precision.

Anyway, I now feel a touch bit more safe to make my journey.  Maybe I will even make it to the Olympics.

Three weeks from tomorrow!

In other news, I am STILL looking for a place to live.  I got an email today from on-campus housing saying they still didn't have any opening in the dorms, and suggesting I investigate off-campus housing.  I wasn't particularly interested in this, since I won't have a car and I wanted to be within walking distance, but I will check it out.  I need something furnished.  I will start my hunt on that and keep everyone posted. 
More news soon!