Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Post!

Today is my first post!
I, however, am not technically in the UK just yet...but I did purchase a plane ticket (one way!) this week that shall, in the words of Captain Picard, make it so.  In one month and three days.  (January 4th) So here is a breakdown of everything I have had to do (and am still doing) up to this point:
1) Apply and get accepted to the University of Warwick - check!
2) Apply for visa, including a visit to get photographed and fingerprinted at the US Department of Homeland Security in Indianapolis - check!
3) Buy a one way plane ticket - check!
4) Find a place to live....working on that....
5) Purge most things that I own and whittle down everything I will need for the next four years to 3 suitcases and a carry-on....also working on that.
6) Figure out a way to eventually bring my puppy, Holly, over.

There are more, less exciting details I need to work on, but that's the fun stuff for now.  And this is just the first post...
I shall conclude it with a picture of my puppy!

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