Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Flat 9

I know I've been remiss on updating, and I promised an update last week after my awesome visit with the Warwick folks up at Purdue.
Lots has been going on!  I got a place to live (finally!) through the University of Warwick off-campus accommodations.  I'll be living about 4 miles from campus, in the little town of Kenilworth.  Apparently, I'm right by the bus line to campus, plus a coffee shop, pub and grocery all very close.  I'm excited.

I had a great visit with the Warwick guys at Purdue as well.  Had a meeting with Steven Maggs to talk a bit more about my role and what I will be doing as a new grad student at Warwick.  (or Postgrad, as it is called in the UK).
I also was able to take them to the Piano Bar at Purdue (Anyone who knows me knows this is my happy place!) and fun was had by all!
Anyways, more news to post soon!
I am heading to Michigan tomorrow for the holidays, to spend some time with my mom and brother.  Hopefully I will have more downtime to write then!

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