Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cheesy Moments

So I finally figured out the perfect title to my blog: "Cheesy Moments"

A snack I came to appreciate on my initial visit to Warwick
Whilst I was in the UK, I was introduced to Cheese Moments, a snack that was available at the bar at the hotel we were staying at.  I found them to be quite tasty and Ben Wood was nice enough to get me several to take home.
Also, I love broccoli, so much so, that I said that it was "like my crack" meaning like a drug for me.  Apparently, this may have a different connotation for the Brits.  I am sure that I shall have more cultural things to learn along my journey the next four years.
Therefore, I dub this blog "Cheesy Moments" and hope that it will document many moments of this journey upon which I am beginning.
(Special thanks to Ben and Melissa for helping me to figure this out.  Over a nice beer.  This evening.)

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  1. I wonder how the colloquialism of "on acid" would work over there too?