Friday, February 3, 2012

Graham's Birthday and the end of the Week!

Today is my little brother's 18th birthday!  I remember the day he was born...was slightly disappointed that he wasn't a girl...but I'm over that now.  Mostly.  :)  (I kid, I kid!).  Anyway, I mailed his gift on Tuesday, was supposed to take 4 days to get there, so I'm guessing that he will get the box either tomorrow or Monday.  Today is officially his birthday, so I'm going to go ahead and post what I got him:
My brother's birthday present!  I got him Doctor Who cufflinks from the local gentlemen's clothing store here in Kenilworth.  :)  I'm so excited!

The module went well this week, I found the topics quite interesting and I will get to explore the post module assignment.  We had a group assignment over the week that was quite interesting.  We had representation in our group from almost every continent, except for South America (and Antarctica, of course).  It was quite a fun project, there was Madhav from India, Ikpeh from Nigeria, Zhong and Fiona from Taiwan, Luke from Switzerland (but with British parents), Ergun from Turkey and me from the US.  We had to work together to propose an addition to the professor's house.  It was a lot of fun, working through all the cultural and language barriers.  The funniest moment was when Fiona (from Taiwan) told me that I spoke very good English, considering that I was from Mexico.  Apparently, when I said I was from Michigan, she heard Mexico, and assumed my native language was Spanish.  And you know, because I also look Mexican.  lol.

I was also lucky to be able to catch a ride (lift) from an EngD student who is writing up her portfolio at the moment, Nikki.  She was staying in Kenilworth this week.  It was great to talk to another student at the other end of where I am at with things and I really enjoyed chatting with her.

I unfortunately am battling a really bad cold/flu/I have no idea this week as well.  It started Sunday morning with my eyes swelling up in the morning, and progressed to feeling generally sick (congested, aches, etc).  Today, the latest symptom has been a sore and swollen throat.  I think I may be taking advantage of the health care system here, if it keeps up.  Right now, I'm trying to keep up on my water intact and I'm taking copious amounts of vitamin C, drinking water and just monitoring.  I hoping that now the stress of the module is over, I can just sleep tonight and maybe feel a bit better tomorrow.  Otherwise, I'll be making a appointment to get it checked out and I can blog about my experience with the health care system over here!

Well- I'm going to have an exciting Friday night, drinking water and tea, reading my Kindle and probably falling asleep at about 8pm.

Happy birthday, Graham!!  I hope you enjoy the box when it comes! <3


  1. Everyone needs Dr. Who cufflinks!

    Also, you're missing Australia, I believe. ;)

    Glad your module went well, but it sucks that you're still sick. If you don't go to see the doctor, take some zinc. Unlike vitamin C (which I always take when I'm sick anyway), some studies have actually proven that it helps to reduce symptoms of colds and such. I just take it in addition to vitamin C; that's how I got over my cold before the wedding in only three days. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Hi! Sorry to take so long to reply...
      I did miss Australia...darn. Well, 4/7 continents isn't bad. :) (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America). I did get some vitamin C with Zinc at Boots (CVS equivalent) and I've been taking that to help give my immune system a little boost. I'm feeling much better after medical intervention. See you guys in less than a month!! <3