Monday, February 20, 2012

Shortcuts, Writing, House Mates and Ale Festivals

I've had quite a busy weekend!
Friday, I went to the Ale Festival on campus with the Formula Student group, which was essentially a collection of microbreweries that had kegs.  I got a variety of half pints and got to taste a bunch of different beers (mostly porters and stouts, of course).  It was tasty.   It was nice to have some fun, now that I feel better and am catching up.
On Saturday, Aurelie and I hosted a pitch-in dinner with some of the guys that live in our house.  Well, really we only had it with Diresh and Shei-Wei from across the hall, but both of them cooked some really good food.  Aurelie made an apple crumble and I got vanilla ice cream to go with it.  Afonso, a Portugese student from down the hall, and Harris, the Greek student also from down the hall, came and hang out for a while too.  We all then decided to check out the Saturday Kenilworth nightlife and go out.  We ended up at the Almanack, where we had a beer each and hung out for about an hour.
Sunday, the weather was nice and sunny when I woke up for church.  The service was nice and I got to chat with Anne a bit afterwards.  Then I headed home, ate some lunch and got a few things done around the house before heading out for a run to enjoy the sun.  I ran almost to campus and back, and around the park in Kenilworth, felt like about 6 miles.  If I keep up with my training, I will definitely be ready for a half-marathon by April, and hopefully a full marathon by May or June.  Now I just need to find some races!
I decided to bike into campus this morning and try out a shortcut.  Unfortunately, the roads here curve and while I used to just pick a direction I needed to go in back home when I commuted back and forth from work, I didn't have such luck this morning.  I ended up totally turned around, and then it started raining.  I got out my phone and map and figured out where I needed to go.  The map doesn't tell you where the hill are though, and I think I may have found the worst hill in Kenilworth...but I didn't walk!  I even got some encouragement from a dog walker at the top that was very British, "Keep it going!"  All I could do was huff at him, but I did appreciate it.  The bike path to campus off of Gibbet Hill Road was much better, because I ran it on Friday, so I knew where I was going better.  I decided not to try the shortcut on the way home.  I may try it again after studying a map better BEFORE I leave home later this week though.  I like learning different ways to get places.
I've been working a lot on my PMA for the Module I took at the end of last month, and I have about a third of it written, and the rest of it outlined.  I hope to have it done by March.  I am also going to work on the multimedia section for the Formula Student group and get on learning Creo for PTC.
I've also introduced Aurelie to P90X.  :)  She's on her second DVD.  I think I may check out the track tomorrow because it's about time to start up some speed workouts....races are happening this spring!

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  1. Sorry you got all soggy, but I'm proud of you for exploring =) I bet it's so beautiful there! Glad you didn't catch a cold for getting drenched. Miss you <3