Monday, April 30, 2012

My Brother is awesome!

So I just heard via my mom's facebook status that my little brother, Graham (who just turned 18 in February, so maybe not so little anymore), had received a full tuition scholarship to Lake Superior State University in Michigan.  I cannot completely relay the joy and excitement I am feeling right now about this.  My brother has grown up into such a strong man these past few years, and I probably have not told him enough how much I love him and am proud of him.  This is huge.  Wish I could give him a huge hug right now (and then tease him about girls.)

Love you, Graham.  Best brother a girl could ask for.  <3

Graham, with saw, being dramatic.  :)

Graham, mom and me after a 5K in Coldwater

Christmas tree on the Subaru!

Graham and me after his first marathon in Indianapolis

Graham and me out flying

Graham and me, both taking first male and female in a 5K!!

Chilling in Northwoods

Love this picture- Graham is about 3 or 4, I'm 13 or 14.


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful tribute to your brother! I will make sure he gets a chance to read it soon.
    As you know, things are rather sped up around here and it is great to connect with you via Skype, Facebook and this blog!
    Know that we love you very much and wish your could be here for all of the changes going on here, but we are oh so proud of you doing everything you are doing in England.
    We can't wait til December!
    love you!