Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20Ks, the London Marathon and FS Bodywork

Been a busy week here!
Sagar was in the Leamington Courier this weekend for running the 10K last weekend.  Quite funny that this race was his first ever, and he ends up on the cover of a newspaper for it.  I am going to reconsider my stance on fancy dress for races.... :)

Sagar (green man suit on the right) in the Regency Run.  Has nothing to do with the caption 'Sleaze Town'  LOL.

On Saturday, I ran a 20K race with Amy and her friend Steven.  (Results posted here
I felt pretty good, even after being a bit tired the week before from the 10K.  I ran a 1:34:19, which works out to about a 7:35 mile pace, which I was quite happy with.  I was also the first woman in, and Amy was the second!  Her friend, Steven, was the third guy in, so we all placed!
Amy, Steven and I after the 20K race on Saturday!

On Sunday, Sagar and I headed to London to watch the Marathon.  It was quite an event.  The energy at this marathon was awesome, the people running had great costumes as well (see some of the pictures below).  I am totally sold on trying to get into this marathon for next year.  It was awesome.  Also, I figured out an easy and fairly cheap way to get to London thanks to Sagar, so I am also excited about that.  
Waiting for the train to London

12 Mile point in the marathon

London Bridge!

Silly costumes, otherwise called "Fancy Dress"

Don't know where the Straw Man was....

On the train with Sagar


Yesterday, I went with Darren and Gav from the Formula Student team to get started on working on the bodywork (some carbon fibre and some hemp-based) for the car.  It was our first trip there, and I have a feeling we will be spending some time at KS Composites getting it all done.  The process was interesting and I found it enjoyable to work with my hands.    We made the first crash structure that is going to be tested later this week.  It was made with a hemp-fibre, instead of carbon fibre, in the effort to make the car more sustainable.  This stuff was not the easiest to work with, but I think we got some ideas on how to more effectively make the next one (since the one we made will get broken in testing).  We also got the molds (moulds) ready for the intake parts, that will be made with conventional carbon fibre.

Yeah!  Road trip!!

Prepping the mold for the crash structure

Hemp fibre applied (couldn't take a picture, my hands were all sticky with epoxy) and ready for curing in a vacuum!

Vacuum sealing

Gav (left) and Darren (right) work on applying a finisher the molds for the intake parts.

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  1. That's awesome that Sagar made the front cover =) I imagine that outfit feels quite warm after a while. Congrats on doing so great in the 20K! You're all winners ;)

    I find it interesting that the Dorothy has a black wig. I wonder if it's a cultural difference between here and there, or if the black wig was just cheaper ;)

    You look totally creepy on that train, BTW.

    I've never heard of hemp fibers instead of carbon! How cool! Hope it turns out well =)

    Much love!