Monday, June 4, 2012

Jubilee Weekend...annnnd Formula Student

I went to church yesterday for the normal service at 10 and afterwards, they had some Jubilee activities that I stayed around for.  First, we watched a video of the Queen's coronation 60 years ago and then there was a quiz.  I did awful, only getting one answer on my own (Who was Prime minister - Winston Churchill).  I learned a lot though, like her title before she was Queen was HRH Princess Elizabeth of York (HRH = Her Royal Highness).  I also learned that she has officially visited 116 countries in her 60 year reign and that her title in the channel islands is the Duke of Normandy.  She was born at 17 Bruton Street in London and her childhood nickname was Lily Bits. Also, the last Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in 1897 for Queen Victoria.  So there.  Mini-history lesson!
Prayer before lunch

My plate!

My sucker (think it's called a Lolly)

Singing the national anthem


Queen and cupcakes!

Also, the Formula Student team got going again on the car last week, now that a majority of exams are over.  They are going to be working long hours over the next couple of weeks to hopefully get the car ready for the Bosch Event on June 19.  Here are some pictures from the pits this week:
Sagar and Andy discuss the Diff and Engine Mounting in the Spaceframe

Murray and Sagar measure for the pedals
Today and tomorrow are bank holidays, but I am going to use this time to catch up on some research for my EngD and getting organized for the Engineering YES final on June 20.  We can't get into the pits to do any manufacturing work on the car until Wednesday.  Pressure's on!


  1. I don't think Victoria's jubilee was during Elizabeth's reign. Lol. :P

  2. Yeah, mild dyslexia kicking in...1897! I'm gonna fix that now...

  3. That's awesome you got to participate in some jubilee activities! I was just lucky to catch some of action on TV when I was waiting at the mechanic =P

    Hope all the prep work went will! Love you!