Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blog Post 1 of Many to catch up! PTC News!

So I've been REALLY busy lately but in a good way.  I am going to write in this post about stuff going on with the EngD program and my sponsor company, then I'll do another post about Melissa's visit and how that's going.

First of all, last week was a good week for me working on my EngD.  Last Wednesday, I got to a Live Tech Forum that was sponsored by PTC so I could learn more about my sponsor company.  Tim Brotherhood was kind enough to give me a ride to and from the event, which was at the Heritage Motor Center in Gaydon, Warwickshire.
During the day, I got to hear a lot about the software that PTC produces, particularly their PLM software, Windchill.  I am pretty excited about being able to learn more and work with the ideas of collaboration that is the driver behind a PLM like Windchill.  I also learned a lot about PTC in general- that it is a company with 6000 employees and 30,000 customers using their software.  One of the main messages of the presentation was that PTC was looking to be a partner for companies who want to be technologically innovative, particularly as it relates to product design.  A lot of this aligns with the preliminary research that I've been doing, so I am getting ready to really move forward and organize myself more towards a working goal in the next few weeks.
Also, the Heritage Motor Center was REALLY cool.  I would love to go back and look around sometime!  Here are some pictures from the little time I did get to poke around:
An old Triumph!


World's first car to go faster than 200 mph

On the way in to the Heritage Motor Center

Smallest car in the world!

Solar Car!

Last Thursday, I gave a presentation to the Steering Committee for the EngD program at Warwick and then I got to meet with John Stuart, Tim Brotherhood and Laura Pintilli from PTC in the afternoon to discuss my project direction.  My presentation, though brief, helped to paint a picture of how the new International EngD program is going at Warwick, and I've gotten good feedback on it, so I think I did well!  I also was really happy with my meeting with the guys from PTC and I am going to be working on a clear outline of my research delivery by the middle of June.  They are most interested in ways to make collaboration work, and they also share interests in alternative energy and education, so I think I have a lot of opportunity to tackle things I am very interested in.  I think my biggest hurdle will be narrowing down and focusing on just one thing.
Ok, post again soon with pictures from Melissa's visit and our trip to Ireland last weekend!!

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  1. Cool! Glad the meeting and presentation went well. Those pics are awesome. Seeing the old Triumph reminded my how my mom used to have a Spitfire growing up. *sigh* those were the days.

    That solar car looks pretty trippy. Looks ancient ;)