Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So I haven't gotten on to my camera in a while, so here are some pics from the last month that I've been meaning to post.  Enjoy!  :)
Pork Scratchings!  Typical British pub food down at the Virgins and Castle

More pub food, spiced peanuts.  I liked these MUCH better than the pork scratchings...


Queen Victoria statue in Leamington Spa

Making Guinness chocolate cupcakes with Aurelie and Diresh

Diresh was having too much fun.

Pool with Andy and Jim from the Formula Student team.  And weird balls.

No, no, I still suck at pool too.  Coming across an ocean didn't change my complete lack of coordination.

Sagar playing pool while Jim and Andy watch.

Ale Festival with Quirin from the Formula Student team.  Obviously, he is on his knees because he's like 6'5" in real life.


  1. Love all the pics! Looks like fun =) I imagine the pork scratchings are like pork rinds. Are spiced peanuts like boiled peanuts? I love boiled peanuts :3

  2. The pork scratchings are actually even grosser than pork rinds. I didn't like them...but when I drink enough, I will eat just about anything...
    I am not sure if the peanuts were boiled...but they were also very tasty!